Commercial Pilot Licence Certificate (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot stage comprises of a deep understanding of how to handle an aircraft like a commercial pilot and enhance the advancement of your aviation career.

TheCommercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Course comprises of three parts;

  • Part 1 is the Recreational Pilots License
  • Part 2 is the Navigation Stage (PPL)
  • Part 3 CPL - Certificate IV in Aviation (AVI40108)

Part 3 CPL -Certificate IV in Aviation

This course provides deep understanding of how tohandle an aircraft like a commercial pilot and enhance the advancement of youraviation career.


  • The RPL syllabus is revisited and taught in more detail and of a higher standard to fine tune the pilot's skills.
  • Navigation is revised and taught so the pilot will develop a greater depth of skill to become a more efficient and adaptable pilot.
  • Our team of experienced professional instructors guide you through our in-house multi engine flight simulator, which further enhances the content quality of our course, both in theory and practice.


CPL Stage 3


20 hours dual @ $415 per hour (based on Arrow III EHK rate)


60 hours solo @ $325 per hour (based on Archer II MJT rate)


8.0 hours SIM dual @ $131 per hour


Landing Fees


CPL Flight Test


CPL Theory


Total Estimated Cost



Note: The prices listed above do not include GST.However, all new students are eligible for GST free training as Sydney Aviatorsis a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and education is GST exempt.


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