Learn to Fly

Trial Instructional Flight

Have you ever wanted to fly a plane? You can with Sydney Aviators.    

Learning to fly – student pilots

When can I start learning to fly?There is no limitation on when you can start learning to fly when accompanied by a flight instructor, but you must beat least 15 to fly solo. 

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) gives you freedom to broaden your horizons, explore new places and make new friends.At Sydney Aviators, we regularly schedule fly-aways to great locations in NSW and beyo...

Commercial Pilot Licence Certificate (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot Stage comprises of a deep understanding of how to handle an aircraft like a commercial pilot and enhance the advancement of your aviation career.

Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR)

A night rating removes the time pressure of last light when flying cross-country.

Licence Conversions

Coming over to Australia? Converting your overseas licence to an Australian Licence can be made easier by letting us help you.All the information you need to know on where to go and the steps required...

Command Instrument Rating

This can apply for either a single or twin engine aircraft. It allows you to take off, navigate and conduct an approach to land with sole reference to the instruments in less favourable...

Flight Instructor Rating

Qualify as a Grade 3 Flight Instructor and start a new career in aviation. Instructors need to be excellent teachers as well as being outstanding pilots. Instructors get a lot of experi...

Multi Engine Endorsement

Take your flying to the next level by obtaining your Multi-Engine Endorsement with Sydney Aviators.

Converting RA-Aus Certificates

Converting an RA-Aus Certificate to a CASA GA licence is easy to do.

CSU Endorsement

The CSU is a Constant Speed Unit propeller (variable pitch propellor) and is a compulsory requirement for Commercial Pilot Licence candidates. It is typically included in the CPL c...


We run theory for all levels; BAK, PPL, CPL, Instrument Rating, Flight Instructor Rating and ATPL.